The Empty Chairs are a band of four musicians with varying styles and influences that put these differences aside to make a style of music that is quickly becoming as difficult to classify as it is entertaining to listen to. Originally the band set out to play some classic rock n roll covers from the usual suspects of Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly and the rest of that legendary High School class of 50's American music and alongside these audience-friendly hits would sit original tunes, but idle hands do the devils work and before long the band were looking at modern songs to give the rock n roll treatment to so the band were working on three fronts; classic covers, originals and 'curveball' covers.


Recording  started on the bands first originals EP in April 2019 and is available is cd form from gigs from June 2019 or as a download from this site right now and covers the main genres that the band mix together, so far this is rock n roll, blues, swing and more than a healthy dose of country.

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